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Photography advice to help YOU stay focused!

This is THE photography podcast for new and intermediate portrait photographers who are looking for ways to increase their photo skills, creativity and maybe even start their own photo biz! 

Listen each Wednesday with your host, Emily Supiot, founder of the educational photography website Cozy Clicks and learn more about ways you can improve your photography and reach your goals.

Quick and to the point episodes feature Emily or one of her expert photography guests  and focus on teaching you actionable lessons to improve your photography or business goals!



Oct 26, 2022

3 ways to get better at photography most people don't tell you...

Are you ready for them?

Today on the Stay Focused Podcast, Emily shares with you more than just the "how to" or "practice and learn" type tips to help you take better pictures. These three photography tips aren't always talked about but will help you see...

Oct 19, 2022

Starting a photography business should be fun.  Most new photographers start a social media page and wait for the clients to start rolling in.

But there is a scary reality to social media and things that can happen that are out of your control.

Heather Chesky joins Emily on The Stay Focused Podcast today sharing why...

Oct 12, 2022

If shooting photos in full sun  makes you want to run away screaming...this "scary" edition episode of the Stay Focused Podcast is calling your name.

Listen as Emily breaks down three things to do to take great photos when the light may be less than ideal (aka: full sun)

Links mentioned in the show:

Oct 5, 2022

Are you newer to photography?  Wondering what to invest in next?


There are so many gadgets and trinkets and gear that all claim to help you take even better pictures.  So what do you start buying?

Listen here as Emily breaks down the most important 4 things that beginner photographers should invest in from the get...