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Photography advice to help YOU stay focused!

This is THE photography podcast for new and intermediate portrait photographers who are looking for ways to increase their photo skills, creativity and maybe even start their own photo biz! 

Listen each Wednesday with your host, Emily Supiot, founder of the educational photography website Cozy Clicks and learn more about ways you can improve your photography and reach your goals.

Quick and to the point episodes feature Emily or one of her expert photography guests  and focus on teaching you actionable lessons to improve your photography or business goals!



Feb 23, 2022

With over 20 years in helping small businesses thrive, Tammy Johnston knows a thing or two about how to market your photography business.  She has also witnessed the mistakes many small business owners make when it comes to marketing and has seen why so many fail almost from the get go.  Don't let this be your small...

Feb 16, 2022

Ready to feel empowered? Christi Pratte, found of joins Emily today to spark that fire in to you so you feel confident taking risks, creating your own oppourtunities and telling your story with confidence and emotion.  Many photographers at one time or another feel unsure, overwhelmed or lose...

Feb 9, 2022

Social media, marketing, video...oh my! It's enough to make any photographers head spin.  On today's epsiode, Emily chats with social media and merketing expert, Nichole Howson on how you can stay organzied, market outside of social media + get better at getting on...

Feb 2, 2022

Can photographers learn from influencers? This might surprise you.  In this epsiode learn how a simple conversation with a coul dbe infulcers can really change your perspective about why your shoot photogrpahy and why you should (or shouldn't) post on soical media.  It will get you thinking!

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