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Photography advice to help YOU stay focused!

This is THE photography podcast for new and intermediate portrait photographers who are looking for ways to increase their photo skills, creativity and maybe even start their own photo biz! 

Listen each Wednesday with your host, Emily Supiot, founder of the educational photography website Cozy Clicks and learn more about ways you can improve your photography and reach your goals.

Quick and to the point episodes feature Emily or one of her expert photography guests  and focus on teaching you actionable lessons to improve your photography or business goals!



Dec 14, 2022

If you have just got your first new "fancy" camera or if you have had your camera for awhile, but keep asking yourself the question: "Now what?" 

This episode is for you!

Learn the few things you should be working on first so that you have fun with your new camera and don't feel confused or frustrated!

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Dec 7, 2022

Just got a new camera?

The settings and dials may be taking up a lot of your time trying to figure out what does what.

But while you are trying to set your settings correctly, there is something else you might my failing to get get right.

Do you know what that is?

Listen in to today's episode to find out + hear 4...

Nov 30, 2022


With the holidays just around the corner you might be wondering what you should ask for this holiday season when it comes to photography gear!


The lenses or camera you ask for is an important decision because most likely it is what you'll be sticking with for the next few years at the very least!



Nov 23, 2022

Are you struggling with FOCUS!?

It feels bad when you look back at your photos and see that most of them are soft, unclear or just plain out of focus.

Your first thought might even be…it’s just me or I’m just not good enough.


It’s not you! 


There are a lot of moving parts to your camera and it’s not one...

Nov 16, 2022

It's a myth busting episode where Emily breaks down two of the BIGGEST myths new photographers believe.  And don't feel bad if you though they were true did Emily.

The sooner you realize that these myths are NOT true ....the sooner you are going to see improvements in your work and feel more confident taking...