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Photography advice to help YOU stay focused!

This is THE photography podcast for new and intermediate portrait photographers who are looking for ways to increase their photo skills, creativity and maybe even start their own photo biz! 

Listen each Wednesday with your host, Emily Supiot, founder of the educational photography website Cozy Clicks and learn more about ways you can improve your photography and reach your goals.

Quick and to the point episodes feature Emily or one of her expert photography guests  and focus on teaching you actionable lessons to improve your photography or business goals!



Feb 24, 2021

Feeling frustrated with photography?  There's a lot to it.  Shooting, focus, posing, editing, the list can just keep going, right?  Want to make it seem a little bit simpler?  Listen in today as Emily shares 5 very specific things that you can do to make taking and editing pictures a lot more simple!

Feb 17, 2021

As a photographer you love being behind the camera.  That's where all the magic happens right?  But what about being in front of the camera....not so magical, huh?  In fact it can be downright scary to get in front of the camera.  That's true for photos and definitely true for video!  Listen today as Megan Fisk shares...

Feb 10, 2021

Editing your photos can be tough, right?  Especially when you are new to the world of Photoshop or Lightroom.  You might wonder if there is something you're missing when it comes to editing because you can never get your photos to look quite the way you'd hoped.  Let me tell you, there are some big misconceptions with...

Feb 3, 2021

Kendra Swalls shares her journey through photography to full on business woman and entrepreneur who now helps photographers get their business going too! Listen in to her journey and hear her #1 thing you should start doing (and yes, it might be a little scary) to get your business going!