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Photography advice to help YOU stay focused!

This is THE photography podcast for new and intermediate portrait photographers who are looking for ways to increase their photo skills, creativity and maybe even start their own photo biz! 

Listen each Wednesday with your host, Emily Supiot, founder of the educational photography website Cozy Clicks and learn more about ways you can improve your photography and reach your goals.

Quick and to the point episodes feature Emily or one of her expert photography guests  and focus on teaching you actionable lessons to improve your photography or business goals!



Mar 25, 2020

Did you have senior photos taken? It was a BIG DEAL in my hometown and I can remember the excitement around getting your senior photos done. Waaaaay back then though, I never thought of the photographer's perspective and what they had to do to market and pose and make all of the high school seniors feel comfortable. On...

Mar 18, 2020

Feeling very uncertain because to things that are happening in the world?  It's scary.  Here are some things you can do as a photographer- either a hobbyiest or business owner during these times.

Mar 11, 2020

A lot of times I think people automatically assume that when you tell them you are a photographer, it means that the bulk of your work is in weddings. Guess what? If it's not your thing, you don't have too. A few weeks ago I mentioned on a podcast episode that I don;t shoot weddings anymore. So many of you sent me DMs...

Mar 6, 2020

Quick and easy little photography lesson to focus on this weekend to help you improve your photography skills.  Check out this and all the pop up episodes  for quick little tips and tricks.

Mar 4, 2020

Ever sit back and wonder if you are getting better in your photography?  Wanna really know if you are improving or on the right track?  This episode is the one for you then! If you've been just a bit lost or unaligned with your photography goals, take a listen here!